About Us

Our work is guided by the belief that all people, regardless of perceived ability, deserve the freedom to make the basic choices that define their lives. Individuals live in their own homes and we tailor our direct support around their unique needs, assisting each person to live in the community of their choice.

Our History

Community Vision was founded by Joe Wykowski in 1989 when he was contacted by the family of a young man who was living in Fairview Training Center named Donald Bos. Due to a rare, fatal disorder called Batten Disease, Donald only had a short time to live. He wanted to move out of the institution and live in the community with his family. Joe worked closely with Donald and his family to build support services around his needs and because of that effort, Donald enjoyed many great moments in the final years of his life.

When Fairview Training Center closed, the need for independent living options exploded. Community Vision began providing services to a broader, more diverse range of participants. Today, Community Vision supports nearly 200 people. We continue to work, advocate, and mentor so that one day everyone with a developmental or intellectual disability will have the opportunity to thrive in their own home, working a job they find meaningful, and surrounded by people who love and respect them.

2016 Annual Report

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