“Before, I couldn’t even reach the sink. Now I can reach the faucet, use my toothbrush and turn the water on and off independently.” –Lisa G

Oregon Accessibility Loan Fund

The Oregon Accessibility Loan Fund (OALF) was created in partnership with Innovative Changes and CASA of Oregon to improve the lives of Oregon residents with disabilities by providing access to affordable credit, financial coaching and related services to make financial and physical independence possible. The loan can be used by applicants for a wide variety of adaptive equipment and assistive technology that improve mobility, independence and quality of life.

How it works

Any adaptive equipment or service that is medically justified and not covered by insurance is a purchase that the Oregon Accessibility Loan Fund can help with. Examples Include:

  • Wheelchair converted vehicle
  • Adaptive driving equipment
  • Home accessibility modifications
  • iPad or augmentative communication device

Loans range from $1,800 to $5,000, allow up to 48 months for repayment, and are reported to the major credit bureaus—helping you build your credit. Contact Allison Falleur to schedule an appointment to fill out a loan application. If you quality for a loan an Innovative Changes representative will contact you within seven business days.


  • 12 months of income statements or benefits statement
  • Established credit history – people with less than perfect scores may still apply


Allison Barber
Administrative Coordinator
Office: 503-292-4964 ext. 116
cell: 503-858-0678

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