Our Home Co-Housing Project

St Johns BridgeOur Home – Cathedral Park will be an inclusive cohousing-inspired community located near the base of the iconic St Johns bridge in the wonderful Cathedral Park neighborhood of North Portland. Just minutes from downtown Portland, near public transportation and walkable to many amenities, including the beautiful Cathedral Park, Our Home will be one of the most desirable located developments in the city.

Our Home – Cathedral Park was envisioned by Our Home, Inclusive Community Collaborative and will be developed in partnership by Community Vision. It is founded on the concept of creating community for all. The 20 unit project will host a variety of home ownership opportunities for individuals and families of diverse abilities, ages and income levels.

What is Cohousing?

image001Contemporary cohousing, founded in Denmark 30 years ago, made its way to the US more than a decade ago. It combines homeownership with shared values and communal spaces to create an environment for individuals and families looking to build lives and community together.

Our Vision and Values:

Our Home is founded on the belief that a healthy community requires diversity, including people that experience disability, people that want to age in a home of their choice and people that may be below median income. We believe that all members of our community should be able to share in the development of a communities’ identity and vision. We believe in cultivating supportive, lasting relationships with each other and developing a community that shares space, decision-making and core values. These values include:

  • Learning and growing together
  • Creating a true sense of belonging
  • Cooperative decision making
  • Sharing and respect
  • Reciprocity, an opportunity to both give and receive, purpose and fun
  • Diversity
  • Connection to the neighborhood, city and region
  • A beautiful and supportive physical environment

Our Home – Cathedral Park Details:

  • Universally designed homes including 1, 2 and 3 bedroom units
  • Estimated completion date: Winter 2017
  • Location: N. Edison Street and N. Burlington Street in North Portland
  • Conventional ownership of individual units
  • Shared landscaped courtyard and interior community gathering space
  • 1 ADA and several accessible ground floor units
  • Several subsidized units for qualifying individuals

Imagine Yourself Here

If you can see yourself as a part of the Our Home community, or want to learn more, please visit inclusivecommunitycollaborative.org or connect with Alicia Delashmutt. aliciadelashmutt@gmail.com.

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