Homeownership Independence Program

The Homeownership Independence Program empowers individuals and families with disabilities with the opportunity to purchase an affordable home in a community of their choice. The fixed mortgage payment offers independence, stability, security from rent increases, and the pride of bring part of a community.

How it works

Community Vision provides customized counseling and support for individuals and families looking to purchase their own home. We develop an individualized plan to homeownership that includes:

  • Tools for building credit and savings
  • Homeownership education classes
  • Resources including financial assistance programs and grants
  • Connections to lenders who work with non-traditional credit and organizations that provide accessible, affordable housing
  • Financial Independent Development Accounts (IDA) and loans that match savings


To qualify you must meet the following requirements:

  • Earn 80% of less Annual Median Income (AMI) based on family size
  • Don’t currently own a home
  • Participate in homebuyer education classes

To apply, contact Terri Carter


Terri Carter

Homeownership Coordinator
(503) 292-4964 x 150

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